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How To Choose Materials

Which material is best?

Actually, these four materials have both goodness and shortcoming, this guide will help you in identifying them, please read it carefully before purchase.

Peach Skin
Advantage: durable and high printing, cost-effective, if it is your first purchase, it is highly recommended.
Disadvantages: no elasticity and the texture is more hard than others.

Natural Velvet
Advantage: with dense pile so it feels very nice and warm, suitable for fall or winter.
Disadvantages: poor elasticity, printing result may not as much clear as other materials.

Japanese Textile
Advantage: soft and comfortable feeling, anti-wrinkle, and easy to maintain.
Disadvantages: poor elasticity, fabric is thinner than other materials but acceptable.

Two Way Tricot
Advantage: high print precision, nice elasticity, anti-wrinkle, feels delicate, soft and comfortable.
Disadvantages: price is relatively high, and low durability, mainly manifested in easy to dirty, easy to hook silk, easy to appear small balls/pills.

New Two Way Tricot
Same advantage as two way tricot material but more durable and expensive, we haven't update this material on our online shop, but you can contact us if you want this material.

Either option has its pros and cons, so please choose the one that suits you well.